Look “Dalias”



A Fashion Look “Dalias” is a small lineup of garments, consisting of 2 products of attire with references to Asymmetric Cotton Blouse and Sandals Dalias

Each of our Fashion Look typically includes 2 to 4 outfits, united by a common style.


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  • After adding the outfit to the shopping bag, please complete all fields regarding contact information, shipping address, and payment details
  • We will send Outfit to your address. Payment will NOT be processed within 3 business days from the delivery date
  • In 3 days pass after delivery of Fashion Outfit amount will be charged from your credit card
  • If the Size doesn’t fit and you decide to return the purchase. We will schedule to pick up your purchase and we´ll cancel the amount and refund the money to the same bank account

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Look “Dalias”