Made to customer order for your beautiful household. Each of our chairs is a unique piece, made from high-quality material handcrafted macrame tecnique.

If you dream of creating your own home decor in best traditions of Bohemian Style, we´ll help realize your unicorn dreams.

Use the macrame swing chair to add some boho vibes to your outdoor or indoor space! Home Decor in Boho is perfectly suits to the music moods, home, special events, garden decor, or wedding celebaration.

Our macrame swing chair was created especially for adults with strong metal carbin to keep it with secure on a ceiling, on a tree, on a block of wood, etc.

Seat size: 39.37 х 39.37 inches (1 m х 1 m)

Chair height: 78.74 inches (2 m) + fastening

Tassels under the seat – 11.8 inches (30 cm) approximately


Wide range of colours.

Hammock cord 5mm With a static core.

RESERVATION CONDITIONS (please pay attention)

Service reservation is available, when booking, choose the date for which you need the chair. Please remember due to custom order 3-4 weeks to make it.
After choosing the date of your reservation, please complete all the fields about the contact and the payment. Our team will check availability of the chosen date.
Please wait for email approval.
Payment will NOT be made until production confirmation and production time.

For any other questions or queries, contact us.


Due to custom order 3-4 weeks to make it, depending on the volume of orders and the availability of materials. Please let us know if you need your item super fast or in time for a special event.


Can be shipped in 5-7 days


397,94 € Please remember that each of our Chairs is handmade

QUESTION? Please contact us