Styling “Head Dress”



Made to customer order unisex headdress. Each of our crowns is a unique piece, made from high-quality material and combined with unusual stuff.

If you dream of creating your own style for the music festival, special events, photo-video shooting, or wedding party, we´ll help realize your unicorn dreams.

Our crowns are light and strong with an adjustable elastic strap to keep your head secure and comfortable. This headdress is lightweight and will stay secure on your head as you dance or party all night.

Each crown is adorned with rhinestones and LED lights are OPTIONAL EXTRA.

This service is for those who prefer to be proactive, crazy, and have an eccentric wardrobe, managing to transmit the maximum influence and fashion style. The right way for active people to have Burning Man, Coachella fashion look.


We´ll determine the style of dress via video call briefing. The style that you want to transmit with your headdress – this is a challenge for LaQ stylists.

We´ll listen to your requirement for specific colors and forms

Size of crowns approx length is 35cm (please contact with us if you require larger or smaller)

Fashion stylists will create a sketch of the model, approx 3 days

We´ll be choosing the best stuff for making a crown full of harmony and elegance.

Service includes advice to complement new headdress with clothing, shoes, and accessories, a mood board of approx 3-5 keys.

RESERVATION CONDITIONS (please pay attention)

  • Service reservation is available, when booking, please choose the date for which you need the crown
  • After choosing the date of your reservation, please complete all the fields about the contact and the payment. Our team will check availability of the chosen dates
  • Please wait for email approval. Payment will NOT be made before the video conference takes place and the customer confirms the sketch of the product made for him. Approx 3-5 days.
  • Before starting work, you’ll receive another email to make the payment.
  • When the reservation is approved, and payment is made.
  • Fashion stylists will start wit your Headdress


Due to custom order 2-4 weeks to make it, depending on the volume of orders and the availability of materials. Please let us know if you need your item super fast or in time for a special event.


Headdress can be shipped in 3-5 days


  • 250 € (and more) depending on the complexity of the product.
  • Please remember that each of our Crown is handmade.
  • A finish price will be suggested after the sketch presentation.

QUESTION? Please contact us

Styling “Head Dress”