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“Michael Kors and the handbag wars” reviews the staying power of one of America’s most prestigious companies. A bumpy road for the firm, with the expansion of a market that infects a profitable and sustainable economy on its products by the unpunished counterfeiting of its stylish original branded handbags, this battle of illegal trafficking perpetuates the inequality in large industries that has led to decades of lacking an expiry date for the success that accompanies their creations.

Such was the resounding case of an American woman who wanted to buy a Michael Kors handbag and because it was worth more than her budget, she decided to wait until the sales. When the bag appeared in the outlets, the woman was very surprised because the quality of the bag was very different from the original.

The luxury bag brand: stylish, comfortable and versatile is weakened by the sale of its counterfeit products.

This scandal had huge repercussions in the United States and served to make consumers aware that the same brands make cheaper copies of their products for specialised outlets.

A well-defined business philosophy projects a personality with its own stamp, but one that is appealing in the face of all that surrounds it in the textile industry – after all, the fashion pendulum tends to swing. We are in a brave new world, and it is important to dress for it with the freedom to feel comfortable, comfortable and confident.

The big brands are exposed to being copied, many of them end up in an idyll between intellectual property and fashion, although it is sufficient to clarify that the counterfeiting or use of brands is a criminal offence and is enforced by criminal law.

Big brands are considered selective brands and building their image costs a lot of money, so it is best to protect the brand.


Script: Fashion stylist and personal shopper Mary Berezovsky

Copywriter: Mavro AK

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