Fashion “Moodboard”



It is a service for the creation of fashion moodboard: a board with designs is a fundamental tool in the process of dressing every day. We create a complete inspiration moodboard with visual examples of patterns, colors, textures, and elements that represent the aesthetics and style you want to achieve in your wardrobe.

Our moodboard is a concise lineup of stylings where all are combined by style, color, and texture. A Service fashion “Moodboard” consisting of about 7 wardrobe examples with references to brands (indicating where the garments can be found), always in line with your life style. Each mood board typically includes 1 outfit.

The service is for those who prefer to be proactive with their wardrobe, aiming to convey maximum influence and authority through their attire. It is a suitable lifestyle for active people who value their time.


  1. Servicio Unisex
  2. Communication and establishment the style: classic, bohemian, minimalist, eclectic etc.
  3. Implementation: creating 7 moodboards with key outfits
  4. Results: reports on perfect style for you, colors, textures and combinations. List of brands and stores where you can purchase or, you can hire our personal shopping service and save your time.


  1. Make reservation for the initial consultation on our Fashion Stylist webpage
  2. Add to cart shopping service (service fee is for the service provided, that is, for the package of 7 moodboards)
  3. We´ll get in touch with you to schedule a consultation day


  1. You can cancel the service within the first 3 days of your reservation
  2. The amount will be refunded to the same bank account

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Fashion “Moodboard”